Questions / Answers

  • From what should I start?

    You can start using the services of our website in three simple steps:

    • Register

    • Deposit money to your account

    • Use it to get access to our cervices. You’ll get access to personal tracking system, the on-line order form with many different options & filters for the formation of your order. It lets you make different orders at the same time.

  • What kind of services can I get?

    Below we present a list of our services:

    • Youtube Views - from10,000 to 500,000 (depends on the filters you’ve chosen)

    • YouTube Likes «I like» - 1000 Likes during 24 hours.

    • YouTube Commentary - 1000 Comments during 24 hours.

    • YouTube Dislikes «I dislike» - 1000 Dislikes during 24 hours .

    • Likes «I like» on Facebook page. This service includes 1000 marks during 24-48 hours (or about 2-3 days)

    • Twitter Followers «Followers» - up to 100,000 followers during 24 hours (or about 24-48 hours).

    • Twitter Retweets «Retweets» - up to 10,000 Retweets during 24 hours (or about 1-2 days)

    • Instagram Followers «Followers» - up to 100,000 Followers в during 24 hours (or about 24-48 hours).

    • Instagram Likes «I like» - up to 100,000 likes during 24 hours (or about 24-48 hours).

    • SoundCloud Plays – up to 10,000 plays during 24 hours (or about 24-48 hours).

    • Google+ likes «I like» - up to 1000 Likes during just 24 hours.

    • Google+ Reshare «Reshare» - up to 1000 retweets during just 24 hours.

    • Google+ Commentary – up to 1000 Comments during just 24 hours.

    We don’t guarantee that you’ll get exactly this speed, because it changes all the time, but in the average speed on the page is higher.

  • What number of services can I maximally order?

    The number of our SocialsBox services is not limited. That’s why you order everything you need. And we guarantee the providing of these services as soon as possible.

  • What should I do in the case of an error when I can’t add my order?

    In the case when you can’t add your order, please contact us and we’ll try to solve your problem.

  • Doesn’t your service block my pages in social networks?

    No, it’s impossible. Your pages will not be blocked in using our service. Don’t worry, it will not happen whoever you are.

  • What is the minimum number of services I can order?

    The minimum limit can always be changed for many different reasons, but our system is set up to set the minimum limit automatically, if you didn’t entered allowed number of services. So, you can check it in your account.

  • What does it cost?

    Prices can be changed in any time, that’s why we added a page, where prices will be updated in real time. We tend to keep prices, but sometimes for different reasons prices can be changed (ones or twice a year). For a complete list of prices click this link >>link<<

  • What is «High Retention»?

    It means that your video will be viewed from beginning to the end in spite of its duration. It lets your video go up in search engine optimization.

  • Where are these views from?

    All these views are from the social networks, including Twitter & Facebook, You can choose the sources of views for your video.

  • How to add my order in the system?

    You need just to log in your account and click «Add the order», then follow the instructions on the page of order.

  • How to cancel my order?

    Please, connect with us to cancel your order and clarify which services must be cancelled. Don’t worry, this service will be automatic soon.

  • What should I do if money wasn’t credited to my account?

    If it happened to you, please contact our support team and we’ll start to solve your problem. It’s necessary to tell us the transaction number PayPal/WebMoney to speed up the solution of this problem.

  • What is your privacy policy?

    Our company highly values your privacy. We follow a policy of confidentiality to tell you how we collect and use information about you and what we do to keep this information confidential.

    • In SocialsBox we do not share confidential information that you have provided to us. Also, we never share this information with third parties, including your orders.

    • We don’t communicate and contact with the owners of services

    • We do not disclose information about your resale - all information remains with us.

    • SocialsBox will protect your data for safety and the prevention of fraud, theft or loss. Also, we guarantee the safety of your data from copying or modification by third parties.

    • SocialsBox works only with legal representatives who value the protection of personal information. That’s why we confirm that your information will be protected.

  • Do you pay the money back or give the guarantee on provided services?

    For all our services we offer you 30 days replacement or refund guarantee.